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In my opinion the Casio F-91W is one of the best watches ever made.

I got a little bit mor time to finish my assignment about gdb. Which is nice because i can now extend my document with a few more examples.

I am dipping my toes in the waters of xmpp again. I really hope i do not get burned like the last time. What clients are compatible with most of the feature sets of xmpp?

I really hate the conditioning which was forced upon us by the tracking industry. So many times I have clicked the wrong button because I instincts moved away from the (in this case rightfully) marked button because I was thinking that it was a dark pattern.

Had my first CCNA practical exam today. I think it went pretty well.

Since a few weeks I am using mpd as my music player. I really like the different frontend a I can use. For example I can use my phone to queue new songs or change the volume.

Fiddling with the GDB. It was long overdue for me to start using it.

Have to work on my uni assignment today. To be prepared for everything I have a towel with me.

I am looking for a MQTT Client for android. I want to get notified on my smartphone if a certain topic publishes a new message. But i am not finding anything on fdroid. Does someone know if such an app exists?

Cleaning up and reorganizing my music library. 🎶 🧹

I was able to rest up. I don't feel guilty about it.

— Nako Omospespu, Weaponsmith

It is an old article, i know. But even today it is more relevant than ever: Bots (and i'll allow myself to add AI to the mix) should punch up:

Do you know what I find funny? Companies that have a "Privacy Shield Certified" logo in their product presentation.

If you dont know, it was declared invalid on 2020-07-16.

Der BfDI zu Gast im FAZ-Podcast Einspruch. Gerne erklären wir auch zum gefühlt hundersten Mal, warum Gesundheitsschutz und Datenschutz keine Gegensätze sind: / ÖA

I have updated the aur package i maintain today. ttdl is now updated to version 2.0.3 :arch:

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