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I have updated the aur package i maintain today. ttdl is now updated to version 2.0.3 :arch:

I have cleaned up my inbox using the zero inbox principle. So much unused stuff has been deleted.

I fiddled around with my website some more and got the page size for the index.html down to 2.57KB including css .

I tried to follow the brutalist principles outlined in .

I think i did well enough.

You can find it at:

I got my fountain pen working again. :) My hands look like i murdered a squid though. :/

I am thinking about starting my own public mastodon instance (for my city). But there are so many questions. I think I'll contact a few people who started public instances and ask them how they did it. But I am gladful for every hint I can get. :) So feel free to comment.

I really have to learn that even small things done are worth recognizing. I have done alot of small things today and feel exhausted. But at the same time i am still blaming myself for not having done anything today.

I drank too much black tea and now i feel all jittery...

I know it is on github but i found a really cool and extensive list of software, services and websites around People who love rss should definitely check it out:

I have my own space now. Feel free to check it out at gemini:// But do not expect much besides some placeholder text for now. Will slowly upgrade it as time comes.

“Cryptocurrency is literally like an eight-year-old’s concept of an evil businessman. He just plugs his pollution machine in and gets money for it. It doesn’t make anything, it just. Pollutes. And makes money. Like a fucking Captain Planet villain”

I have to admit: I am tired of fighting.
I am tired of fighting for privacy.
All the things i have to take care of to prevent people from controlling and breaking the web (not only looking at Google).
I am tired of people spamming javascript-bloated bullshit into the web just to track me.
I am tired of trying to educate people about their basic right to privacy.
I am tired of hearing: "But i have nothing to hide..."
How do people keep fighting while staying sane?

I setup my own git server with bare repos and gitweb.

I am really using my CI/CD today, a lot of smaller updates on my website...

Good night people of the fediverse. 👋 😴 🌉

2) We all are conditioned by Google to jump through the hoop every time they try to break or take control over the web.

3) Why is it my job to prevent Google Chrome users from hurting themselves? I understand that there are a few cases where a user has no control over the browser they use (likely in a company environment) but i would argue that they are the minority.

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I added the floc prevention header to my website. It is something i was reluctant to do because of several reasons:

1) My website is served in a single request without any js and is only using images and css i have either inlined or i have full control over. But i have to include the header because i could include a tweet or a video or something that is calling the floc api and thus try to track my visitors.


Today i switched from quodlibet to a local mpd for my music needs. It gives me more control over how i can consume my music.

I friggin love RSS. I am so happy i discovered miniflux as a rss reader a month ago.

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