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Okay, giving @pinafore a try. Setting up your own instance was easy using containers.

Oh and it is another night where i am not able to get tired and sleep on time. I hope i won't stay awake until 03:00 in the morning again.

I have been using qutebrowser throughout the day and i really like it. I can't really tell you why, but i really like it.

Ugh i slept for so long today. I woke up at nearly 12:00.

But enough tinkering for today. I am going to bed. :ac_sleepy:

I might use to surf mastodon though. I feel like the interface is working a little bit better with qutebrowser.

Okay first time tooting from my freshly configured qutebrowser. :) I am liking it so far.

I am thinking about creating kind of an autoshare macro for qutebrowser with which i can share a website i find interesting with the fediverse. But i want to give people a way to filter out these posts. What would be a good way? A hashtag maybe? e.g. sharedviaqute?

Habe meine gedruckte Ausgabe des Tätigkeitsberichtes des Bundesbeauftragten für Datenschutz und Informationsfreiheit bekommen. Vielen Dank @bfdi und @ulrichkelber

Are there any recommended tutorials on how to use qutebrowser?

I have been on a hardcore Sidewalks and Skeletons binge lately.

Oh nice, Bell Labs moved their copyright of Plan9 to a now official Plan9 Foundation:

Announcement here:

ClearURLs (an addon that removes tracking information from urls) has been removed from the Chrome Store:

I finally took the time to setup my profile. You can find it here: Thanks to @yarmo for creating that awesome piece of software.

Current mood: Watching demo scene intros on a C64 emulator.

Thanks to @bekopharm for telling me that i forgot to setup my RSS feed correctly. Everything is now fixed and my feed should be findable by RSS readers now.

BuT MARCEl TherE ARe SUPPOsed TO be TWo ciRCLEs iN ThAt DIAgram.

There are. You are just not looking hard enough

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