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Shout-out to everyone that likes to send regular mail

Deleted the wrong calendar today. Lost all my personal appointments. Now I have to recover my calendar from my backup. Grml...

Why can't Linux be called 'a success', the very moment that it helps one person? Why don't we call Mastodon or Peertube a success the very moment a tiny group of people uses and likes it? Why do we insist that Peertube is only successful when my mom and my Granny use it? Why do we insist on huge market shares to call open source successful?

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Found a very good comment on hackernews by berkes about the successfulness of opensource and especially the fediverse:

> The ecosystem is vibrant, healthy, and will keep growing. > > in my mind there will eventually be a tipping point,

Why do so many people insist on Growth and Largest, as metrics for 'success'?

My local pub is a success. They are not worlds' largest pub. My Mom and Granny don't go there. They don't have parties with millions of people crammed in the place. Etc.


Starting this sunday with my first eher Weißwurstfrühstück. I am not sure what to expect.

✅ shitpost quota fullfilled for today by talking about being penetrated by vibes.

I want to setup a small matrix server for < 50 people, with maybe two or three bigger rooms. What specs are y'all recommending for a server that size?

Since i started following @stux my timeline contains more cute animals. I approve of this change.

please donate blood 

The blood will be scarce due to the covid19 high level. That's why I share this again for everyone.

You may be able to help a people of colored, LGBTQ-people or someone with c19. People with cancer, hemophilia and accident victims are also often helped.

A donation is not painful and usually takes ¼h + ½h rest. At the moment, stocks are scarce due to C19!

You should be healthy for donation.

💓Thank @TonyStark and @stux for sharing.

"Der Markt regelt das. So wie der Markt uns in den letzten 30 Jahren überall Glasfaser hingelegt hat" Markus Beckedahl von @netzpolitik_org bei #rC3

Thanks to @mike there is now an nocloud emoji on fosstodon. :nocloud: Now I can tag my rants appropriately.

Daily reminder because we talked about the cloud at work today...

Licensed under CC-BY-SA 4.0, based on work byMarkus Meier.

I am still new to this whole blogging thing and i am pretty sure my english is awful. But i produced a new article about my website setup. (Ignore the date, the article took longer as expected)

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