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Containers should only be used if their benefits outweighs their disadvantages.

Protip: It is often not the case.

Thank you for coming to my TED talk.

Today on random sysadmin bullshitery: Why is nginx refusing to use our perfectly fine and correctly created ssl certificates?

Since my technological landscape will change a bit (Self hosting on on Raspi, decommissioning a few servers) I might switch to a static site generator again. I am surprised how difficult it is to find a template which has not been inflated with javascript. 🙈

I am in the process of writing a small series of articles titled: "A layman's introduction to NixOS". What would you want to read in this series?

I am currently visiting my family. My first real vacation this year.

Well, i am stupid. I deleted my private key in order to test my chezmoi/bitwarden template but forgot that i am not able to pull from my repository without the key. :D What a

The old citywall of Hattingen, with a modern installation to show where the old gatehouse was.

Where has chezmoi been all my life? I am using it now to manage my dotfiles between all my machines which use nixos.

"I can tell you upfront, [blockchain]’s a bizarre journey to nowhere. I’ve never seen so much incomprehensible jargon to describe so little. I’ve never seen so much bloated bombast fall so flat on closer inspection. And I’ve never seen so many people searching so hard for a problem to go with their solution."

I am listening to the old Blind Guardian albums this morning. So much nostalgia. :)

I created a somewhat modular nix config. The goal is to setup my notebook with nixos as well and manage all my devices with a single config. I am aiming at a near identical state of all my machines.

Opt-in should always be the default. You should never force your users to become active if they do not want something.

You do not get responsible users if you shove stuff down their throat because you can somehow spin the narrative into them wanting the stuff.

Instead you should focus on educating your users and explain them why they should update, why you added that new feature.

One could argue that you also should provide huge new features as plugins so that the user can decide to use it.

I am syncing my personal music collection with my nextcloud and it is taking ages. I need faster internet for sure.

I finally set up a proper weechat setup including a relay. Now I am able to use my weechat setup via Weechat-Android and also via emacs.

I was productive today. I still feel unsatisfied. Meh, better get used to that feeling.

To people who are copying configuration files into containers at buildtime: Who hurt you?

Morning coffe ☑️
Working on some servers ☑️
Everything is broken ☑️

What a way to start your morning.

Next step in my nixos journey: Modularize my configuration.nix so I can reuse parts of my config on my notebook as well.

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