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I was productive today. I still feel unsatisfied. Meh, better get used to that feeling.

To people who are copying configuration files into containers at buildtime: Who hurt you?

Morning coffe ☑️
Working on some servers ☑️
Everything is broken ☑️

What a way to start your morning.

Next step in my nixos journey: Modularize my configuration.nix so I can reuse parts of my config on my notebook as well.

I am in the process of migrating my stuff to @codeberg I am really looking forward to it

The ultimate adult powermove: Eating the leftover lasagna for breakfast because there is no one who can tell you to stop.

Waking up to several messages that our work zulip is down. Not the way I intended to start my weekend with but a good morning nevertheless. :)

Just a quick attribution: I took the image of the corgi from pixabay. The user who uploaded it is: huoadg5888

I know that attribution is not required by pixabay but someone might want this picture in a higher resolution. :)

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I installed the Cyberpunk Neon Theme which was created by @Roboron . Now everytime I am opening @fedilab Perturbator starts playing. ;)

Do not mind me, i am just checking if my script is able to upload and attach images and other stuff.

I have to say the nix pills are a good introduction into the nix package manager and nixos itself.

A quick example: I have my Fosstodon API Token stored in a custom field called Token. This is how i get it in my script via bitwarden-cli:

TOKEN=$(bw get item <item ID> | jq -r '.fields | .[] | select(.name == "Token") | .value')

Now i can use TOKEN everywhere i need it.

Did you know that you can use the bitwarden-cli to interact with your bitwarden vault programmatically? I am using it in several scripts to read API Tokens from my vault instead of hardcoding them.

bitwarden-cli returns the data in json. But you can use jq to slice the json to the needed size.

Pro Tip: Use jq with the -r flag to get the raw output.

After a long time of working from home I am in the office again. At least for today.

Can anyone recommend me a Linux friendly Bluetooth adapter for my computer? I'm moving my computer and I would like to be able to use my Bluetooth headphones with my computer now when my stereo is too far away.

One of my neighbours is making fried eggs for breakfast. Now my whole flat is smelling. I am getting hungry :D

So far my script is able to send a message to my telegram bot, send a message to mastodon, upload a file to my server and give me it's URL. But i am thinking about some more features which i can add to it.

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