This weekend I am dabbeling around some more with in general, reading the tutorial again and looking into installing packages. #2^6challenge

Day two of my #2^6challenge Today I am starting with reading the tutorial.

Well, after some research i decided to go with the original emacs flavor. I want to learn the bare basics. After that i will have a closer look at prelude. Thanks @orbjet for recommending it to me. #2^6challenge

I also forgot to add a thing: 64 days allows me learn something besides my normal duties. I have not the pressure of spending two to three hours a day learning something in order to make progress within 30 days.

Today i am starting my #2^6challenge. 64 days of using emacs as my main editor.

My task today: Learn more about the several emacs flavors out there and find the right one to install.

@Xystel Well, i picked 2^6 because it is roughly two months. I think that is enough time to learn enough about emacs and also to become comfortable using it.

I am currently using a mix of vim/Sublime Text and several Jetbrains based IDEs.

Tomorrow I will start my #2^6challenge. 64 days of using emacs as my main editor.

I should really install mosh. It would make my life easier.

I want to thank lynx, duckduckgo lite and toot to support me during my times of travel where the internet is spotty at best.

Went out and got myself some Indian food. It was delicious.

Nah. I just happened to be at the same place as an existing beach. :D

Looking into setting up an open home automation system based on zigbee and openhab.

I thought about the challenge i proposed yesterday. And i think i am going to tackle it. From 2020-07-01 until 2020-09-03 i will only use emacs as my editor. #2^6challenge

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