The bad thing is that these apps are already out there. Wasn't there an app that used a closed source ai to morph your face? Do you really know what they were doing with the data?

Yes. Also making rudimentary copies of people's fingerprints is easier than people think. Even years ago the CCC fooled some fingerprint readers by taking a photo of a drinking glass someone touched and basically made a fake fingerprint from it using a printer, projection foil and glue.

Yes, Sometimes I mix them up as well but I think it is important to differentiate between these three.

Okay, since i talked about it with a friend today:

Please remember that biometrics are never a password. They are a username at best. One key element of a passwort is, that you are able to change it after it got compromised. You can not change your biometrics. Biometrics can be used to quickly establish an identity which then needs to be confirmed by a password or another form of authentication.

stop doing jobs meme 

This is absolutely on point. Thanks for making that.
@amandag @deletescape

@sotolf Yeah, but sometimes these small things are easy to overlook/forget. So thanks for reminding me. :)

Man, the last few days were pretty rough to my mental health. But i have coffee today so that is nice, i guess.

I am really interested in dipping my toes into videomaking. But I think I have nothing interesting to tell/show. ☹️

@poebbel Sure, GDPR (european data protection law) and the Directive 2009/136/EC (often called cookie law) state that functional cookies, which also includes selfhosted tracking one, have implicit consent from the visiting party. Every other cookie that is not strictly necessary for the website to function (in a technical sense) requires informed consent by the visiting party

Actually this is not a bad Idea. It definitely would help raise awareness.
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Please fill out this notice of opposition and mail it to our postal address...

Sure, that's always an option. But in a better world this should not be necessary.

I have no experience with librewolf. Maybe they are bundling uBlock with a few setting.
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Ja, leider ist der DNT Header immer eine Kann- und keine Mussleistung. :(

@berkes But then they have to explain to management why they aren't using the cool <hypetech> everyone around them is using. I totally agree with your argument though.

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