Daily reminder because we talked about the cloud at work today...

Licensed under CC-BY-SA 4.0, based on work byMarkus Meier.


Kommentar zu rechtsextremen Polizisten: Es reicht!

29 Polizisten aus NRW sollen übelste neonazistische und rassistische Nachrichten ausgetauscht haben, teils über Jahre. NRW hat einen veritablen Polizeiskandal. Ein Kommentar.


I am currently visiting my family. My first real vacation this year.

The old citywall of Hattingen, with a modern installation to show where the old gatehouse was.

Visited a friend today. This was one street in the town where he lives. Absolutely beautiful.

My friends: Man, finding a name for our soon to be born child is really hard...

Me: I feel ya...

Semi-German, Shitpost 

An image i created for my talk about privacy. Someone is searching how to compile their own linux kernel.
Clippy is jumping in to inform the person searching that they look like a caveman and that clippy has a lot of ways to help this person look human again.

This is my tongue-in-cheeck introduction to online tracking.


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