Why is Firefox 89 wasting so much vertical space with these huge tabs? Why did the drop the dense layout option. I thought it was clear by now that our displays are wider than high? So why is software wasting so much precious height?

And yes, i am able to rotate my displays. But should i have to because of a stupid design? No.

@mzumquadrat The compact layout is still available, but you will have to enable it through about:config setting to true it's stupid, but at least it makes working with ff a lot better again :)

@mzumquadrat oh man, stepping on my favorite toe. Can't turn tabs off, when I can just ctrl-tab or alt-1..9. And toolbar with URL and forward/back buttons always on. Why, oh why?!

And lately I bought mini keyboard w/out all these extra keys. Oh, I can set my own shortcuts in browser, not a problem, right? Hehe, wrong. Firefox was in development for how long? 20 years? And this is what we get in result?

Qutebrowser is like 1500% more usable.

@efftoyz @mzumquadrat you can turn tabs off completely, it's just a little Jacky, and no guarantees for the future, but for now I have vertical space galore:

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