I am dipping my toes in the waters of xmpp again. I really hope i do not get burned like the last time. What clients are compatible with most of the feature sets of xmpp?

@mzumquadrat Don't forget to join us at :)

@hund Thanks for the invitation. Is this channel by chance bridged into Because I already joined that room on IRC. :)

@mzumquadrat I need to get on too, what server are you joining?

I would love to self host @snikket_im but I already have many services behind a reverse proxy and snikket seems difficult to configure for that situation...

@bhart @snikket_im I am currently not hosting a xmpp server myself. I joined

@mzumquadrat What platform? My (subjective) suggestions would be:
- linux: @gajim , @dino , psi+
- android: conversations and its forks (@snikket_im , blabber), aTalk
- web: converse.js, jsxc
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