I really have to learn that even small things done are worth recognizing. I have done alot of small things today and feel exhausted. But at the same time i am still blaming myself for not having done anything today.

@mzumquadrat know that feeling too, I think writing them all down shows even more what you have done today

@Zoidtes That's actually is a good idea. I'll definitely try that.

May I suggest a different approach?

Try to see the small things others do each day and tell them that you appreciate it and that they are good at it. But be precise, not just do general statements.

This has 2 effects on you. First your mind learns to see small things better. 2nd you learn to give appreciation.

But it has also effects on others. They feel seen and appreciated and start to appreciate your small things you did.

So the circle of benefits begins.

Oh, I forgot one: when you see the small things in others bettet, you also see your things better.

@tpheine Also a very good idea. Thank you for your suggestion. :)

@tpheine @mzumquadrat I love this suggestion. You seem like a great person to work with. I envy your colleagues :)

That makes me blush, thank you very much! Highly appreciated.

PS: it works obviously 😂


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