I added the floc prevention header to my website. It is something i was reluctant to do because of several reasons:

1) My website is served in a single request without any js and is only using images and css i have either inlined or i have full control over. But i have to include the header because i could include a tweet or a video or something that is calling the floc api and thus try to track my visitors.


2) We all are conditioned by Google to jump through the hoop every time they try to break or take control over the web.

3) Why is it my job to prevent Google Chrome users from hurting themselves? I understand that there are a few cases where a user has no control over the browser they use (likely in a company environment) but i would argue that they are the minority.


Why is it my job to prevent Google Chrome users from hurting themselves?

I’ve been considering setting up nginx to look at the user agent and direct chrome users to a “this site is unavailable on google chrome, here are reasons why” and just calling it a day. Also considering leaving HTTP for Gemini+FTP, since my site is pretty much just text and photos.

@robby @mzumquadrat

Perhaps you want to take a look at this. The header is only required if you have untrusted third-party content on your site (Ads) or if you are calling a specific FLOC JavaScript function.
@robby @mzumquadrat but yeah, I want to find a CSS-only way to tell chrome users that their browser is intentionally spying on them.

@charims @robby Yeah i know that. But i might include untrusted stuff in my website sooner or later. For example by including a tweet in a blogpost. And this embedded tweet might load some js that is calling the api. So better safe than sorry.

@mzumquadrat same here. I'm not going to babysit you for using a browser that will bite you. If you care about privacy you're not going to use any GAFAM software anyway.

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