Can someone please point me to a good article about the current state of XMPP? I used it about ten years ago and it was not good. There were no real common specs so half of the time you had to ask yourself if your chat partner would be able to use all the features your server had to offer. E2EE with OTR was very wonky and did not work reliably when switching clients (e.g. start a chat on your desktop but then move to your phone). I belive, that XMPP has come a long way but i lost track of it.

@mzumquadrat I'd say it's not _that_ different today, but projects like @snikket_im are working on offering a uniform experience.

@mzumquadrat I know this thread is short of a month old, but still, I would like to give @hund a voice. We were talking about this topic just now on another post.

@mzumquadrat is a great modern android client. Provides E2E encrypted messages, voice and videos calls.

Many other clients appear to be supporting the same set of XEPs increasing compatibility.

Their website has some pretty good info.

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