I am really interested in dipping my toes into videomaking. But I think I have nothing interesting to tell/show. ☹️


It will not come to your mind by thinking about it.
In general it is a time where inspirations are low cause no physical interactions. Feeling with you.

I can only repeat what the beloved Stanley Greene :_( told me once:
“Begin to walk, just follow the paths by random, they will take you to a story”
This can work socially distant too. If you have a car or bike, don't use it.
What would be _needed_ is a 5 minutes explainer about the Fediverse.
So that even politics understand.

@mzumquadrat If this can help you I have started making videos about the development of my minetest mod. They are short videos like 1-3 minutes where I just showcase what I added in the mod

@mzumquadrat It's like with any media, you should do it for you, not for me. And if someone is really into something, it will be fun to read/watch/listen to for others as well. :)

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