Hello fellow people. I would like to open some kind of chat for us all to hang out and write/ maybe talk. Are you all fine with me opening a room for us? @wholesomedonut feel free to open up the room yourself or talk to me to get admin access to said room.

@mzumquadrat That’s a very good idea. Thanks 😊

I’ll go ahead and make the room later today :) that way we aren’t saturating Local feed so much 😂😅

@wholesomedonut Oh shit, i am sorry. I created the room seconds before i got your message 🙈

@wholesomedonut I will still make you an admin though. So i hope in the end everything will be all right.

@hund @wholesomedonut i am for it. But @wholesomedonut is the sole admin of that room since i gave all my permissions to him after he joined. :)

@mzumquadrat @hund could be doable. I’ll add that to the backlog and research it when I have time.

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