I finished tidying up my passwort manager today. I recently migrated from bitwarden to (go)pass and used that opportunity to close a bunch of old accounts and also to check my passwords for duplications. I also changed some older, less secure passwords to newer, stronger ones. I am weirdly proud of myself.

@mzumquadrat I've done that before but can never do it in one go. I have over 500 entries which do not include my work accounts.

@greypilgrim @mzumquadrat I should make a daily habit of going through 5 entries or whatever. How do people without a password manager ever manage this stuff??

@mzumquadrat May I ask what some of your reasons were for migrating away from Bitwarden? I’ve been seeking a cross-platform password manager, and had been considering trying it out.

@smt @mzumquadrat curiuos also, I use Keepass and Syncthing, but want something possibly more robust if possible.

@smt Bitwarden is a nice piece of software. I really liked it. I simplified some things on my systems so i switched to gopass. I also started to prefer established solutions like git and gpg and such over something "self-built". :)

But i am definately recommending to give bitwarden a try. :)

@mzumquadrat Nice! I think I might. However, you mentioned gopass as well, and it looks like an evolution of password-store...which I currently use :)

My one beef with password-store is that it isn’t a viable option on Windows, which sadly is a requirement for me. I have loved using it on Linux and MacOS, though.

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