As mentioned before i am currently evaluating my current vps/hosting/emal setup. As part of that process i downsized my server
and asked myself what to do with my blog. Don't get me wrong, i like my current setup, but since i am planning several series of articles it becomes more clear that the current, limited setup will not cut it. And i also kinda like the idea to edit/add articles from my mobile devices. So i might give wordpress another try. Do you guys have any tips for me about using wp?

@mzumquadrat not to interject with a whatabout, but whatabout You can also self-host later with I used to use WordPress, but the simplicity of write as drew me in and I've been really happy with it so far.

It's also federated, so you can tag users and they'll get notified of mentions.

@tychi writefreely might be an alternative. I haven't looked into hosting it though.

@mzumquadrat if you do go the WP route, the one recommendation I have is to find a theme you like with a good content structure (ignoring the visual styles) and then build a child theme on top of it so you've got full control of the presentation, but also a nice semantic structure under the hood.

It'll make your life easier later on if you end up with multiple sites because you can always start from your familiar foundation for customization and upgrades can happen seamlessly.

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