I wrote a (kinda crappy) post about my new website setup and why it is not easily doable to implement things like rss or webmentions:

@mzumquadrat With your stated goals would you not be better of with a static site generator like i. e. pelican?
I am very happy with it: HTML only, writing markdown with vim 😍 and everything is in git 😍 .
The only thing I am kinda missing is comments. OTOH there is a log less comment spam now 🙂

@tdk Thank you for your comment. I tried a bunch of static site generators but i never found one i liked. So this is the best thing between a static site generator and a real blogging engine. 🙂

@mzumquadrat I like your principles and your approach. I think a lot of "modern" websites are over engineered. One thing I think that's worth revisiting is RSS. It's stateless as well and I'd argue that all dates on any site are arbitrarily set by the author or webmaster.

Yeah I might do the thing where I parse the articles on the fly everytime the rss feed is consumed. Even though it means I have to write xml. 😃

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