I am in the process of writing a small series of articles titled: "A layman's introduction to NixOS". What would you want to read in this series?

@mzumquadrat Why it exists and what's special about it -- compared to something mainstream like Ubuntu.

@mzumquadrat I've heard of NixOS and afaik it's really customizable and uses nix files to get your machine running. My only real experience is with Debian based distros.

I don't particularly know what I'd like in the series, don't know what I don't know type thing, but I'm open to be a layman reader for you 😅

@tychi @mzumquadrat i agree with this, especially "don't what I don't know". NixOS is a word I see pop up every now and again and tbh I have no idea what it is apart from something the cool kids are talking about. So I'd be interested in reading about the what and why it is cool/useful/better/powerful. Possible reasons for/against for different use cases.

@mzumquadrat You should definitely highlight atomic upgrades and rollbacks. Also how you can define virtual machines using the nix language, and how you can then deploy a system on a VPS using a single configuration file.

@robby This will come later in the series. I am currently a layman myself so i am planning to grow with the series. :)

@mzumquadrat That's fair. I'm no expert at Nix either. The VMs suggestion was kind of a wish list for me 😄
@albi @mzumquadrat Oo that is a good one. There are a lot of packages in the Nix repos that aren't in other repos. It's nice to have an extra source for packages sometimes.

@robby @mzumquadrat I'm trying to use Nix on my :void: server for some missing packages (crun, particularly), but it seems less elegant than it should.

@albi @mzumquadrat hmm, what doesn't seem elegant about it? I haven't used nix with void before, but I didn't really have any issues when I used it on other distros.

Hey, thank you for your suggestion, but I am afraid that this isn't easily doable since my blog has no real state management. I have no way of knowing which article is new or when it has been added.

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