I am syncing my personal music collection with my nextcloud and it is taking ages. I need faster internet for sure.

@mzumquadrat For music collection, I use Syncthing on Linux and Android. It works really well. I only have it setup on the LAN though with static IPs set on both sides to avoid delays.

@vimaltech Thanks for the suggestion. :) I am currently using my Nextcloud with the Music Addon installed. This way i am able to use my music away from home and also use a subsonic compatible client to stream my music to my android. :) I was more complaining about my upload speed. :)

@mzumquadrat Sure, if it is all setup and working, no reason to change :) I haven't used the Music addon. Will need to try it at some point.

I'm using Synching too. It also took ages for me because my music collection is +20 GB but I like the result.

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