Man, i do not know how people are able to crank out interesting blogposts left and right. Every time i think about writing a new post for my blog it is the same situation:

1. I am convinced that nobody is interested in the things i write.
2. If i am able to overcome 1 i feel that i have to thoroughly research the topic in order to produce an article worth posting.
3. I scrap the article because of 1 and the feeling that my research is not good enough.

1: It's best to write blogs for yourself. Whether someone is interested or not is on them.

2: If you have problems with article size, keep them to about 3 paragraphs. One introduction, one elaboration, one conclusion. It makes your text seem dry, but it's a good start.

3: You'll only find problems with the article once you hit post, so you might as well hit it early. Worry about fixing problems later.

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