People who are telling you that you need $HYYPETECH in order to have a modern website are really annoying.

No, I do not need to rewrite my website as serverless JavaScript SPA.

No, I do not need to use $wellknowncdnthatcontrolstoomuchoftheinternet in order deliver my website better.

No, I do not need JavaScript on my website, everything is working fine.

Oh and I also do not need to setup my own kubernetes to host my measly blog.

Thanks for coming to my TED Talk.

This toot is my condensed response to various $HYPETECH related Blogposts I have read in the past few days.

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@mzumquadrat I use phug (php pug) on my sites and already feel like I'm sometimes overdoing it with the tech.

JavaScript enhances a web experience. If the site doesn't run without JS, you're doing it wrong

Nothing against JavaScript if used only for the necessary features. But people tell me that I need $js in order to have $unnecessary_festure on my website. Sorry your library to implement smooth scrolling is probably bigger than my whole website.

@mzumquadrat I see your point. But unless it's an actual web app, it's still rather see it fully working without the need for js. One day, we'll have a web without carousels…

@yarmo @mzumquadrat nice, that exists? Pug is awesome. Made my life so much easier on the template

@mzumquadrat no you don't but would be better if you did for UX porpouses. But sure, to each its own. Personally I think a good CSS framework is better.

@mzumquadrat and there I was, looking at all these devs coding sites in fancy JS frameworks, thinking "did I miss the train? why do they do this?"

It's really just overcomplicating things. I hate to manage the packages all the time - you spend more time fixing your site than building it. So yeah, completely agree with you there.

In the end it's as absurd as G's "implement AMP JS to speed up your site", lol that.

@mzumquadrat Interesting that a lot of defenders of $HYPETECH are using UX as a point. I've found a lot of js driven pages completely bloated and buggy due to the weight of "UX" they try to pile on. Start with a good designer and html/css. Sprinkle in some js if the job calls for it. It should be that simple.

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