I was able to rest up. I don't feel guilty about it.

— Nako Omospespu, Weaponsmith

It is an old article, i know. But even today it is more relevant than ever: Bots (and i'll allow myself to add AI to the mix) should punch up: crummy.com/2013/11/27/0

Do you know what I find funny? Companies that have a "Privacy Shield Certified" logo in their product presentation.

If you dont know, it was declared invalid on 2020-07-16.

Der BfDI zu Gast im FAZ-Podcast Einspruch. Gerne erklären wir auch zum gefühlt hundersten Mal, warum Gesundheitsschutz und Datenschutz keine Gegensätze sind:

faz.net/podcasts/f-a-z-einspru / ÖA

I have updated the aur package i maintain today. ttdl is now updated to version 2.0.3 :arch:

I have cleaned up my inbox using the zero inbox principle. So much unused stuff has been deleted.

I fiddled around with my website some more and got the page size for the index.html down to 2.57KB including css gtmetrix.com/reports/mzumquadr .

I tried to follow the brutalist principles outlined in brutalist-web.design/ .

I think i did well enough.

You can find it at: mzumquadrat.de

I got my fountain pen working again. :) My hands look like i murdered a squid though. :/

I am thinking about starting my own public mastodon instance (for my city). But there are so many questions. I think I'll contact a few people who started public instances and ask them how they did it. But I am gladful for every hint I can get. :) So feel free to comment.

I really have to learn that even small things done are worth recognizing. I have done alot of small things today and feel exhausted. But at the same time i am still blaming myself for not having done anything today.

I drank too much black tea and now i feel all jittery...

I know it is on github but i found a really cool and extensive list of software, services and websites around People who love rss should definitely check it out: github.com/AboutRSS/ALL-about-

I have my own space now. Feel free to check it out at gemini://0x1f4ac.de But do not expect much besides some placeholder text for now. Will slowly upgrade it as time comes.

“Cryptocurrency is literally like an eight-year-old’s concept of an evil businessman. He just plugs his pollution machine in and gets money for it. It doesn’t make anything, it just. Pollutes. And makes money. Like a fucking Captain Planet villain”


I have to admit: I am tired of fighting.
I am tired of fighting for privacy.
All the things i have to take care of to prevent people from controlling and breaking the web (not only looking at Google).
I am tired of people spamming javascript-bloated bullshit into the web just to track me.
I am tired of trying to educate people about their basic right to privacy.
I am tired of hearing: "But i have nothing to hide..."
How do people keep fighting while staying sane?

I setup my own git server with bare repos and gitweb.

I am really using my CI/CD today, a lot of smaller updates on my website...

Good night people of the fediverse. 👋 😴 🌉

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