My `e` key does not work reliably anymore. 🙈 That sucks since i am currently writing a lot of documentation.

My project for today is to modularize my configuration.nix in order to make it more reusable. Ideally (when setting up a new nix machine) i am just importing a bunch of different nix files depending on the use case.

Remember kids:

Not only does the 'S' in IoT stands for security, the 'U' also stands for user empowerment.

Reddit, IoT 

How do i know that IoT as a principle failed?

When the app for your smart washing machine asks you for access to your contacts and refuses to work otherwise...

Got my first vaccine today. The worst part of it? Getting soaked on my way hope because it was raining like mad.

I am currently trying to understand nix flakes.

Conclusion: I need to learn nix.

Why is Firefox 89 wasting so much vertical space with these huge tabs? Why did the drop the dense layout option. I thought it was clear by now that our displays are wider than high? So why is software wasting so much precious height?

And yes, i am able to rotate my displays. But should i have to because of a stupid design? No.

#Mythos: Nichts zu verbergen? Gute Argumente von #Digitalcourage, warum dieser Satz unklug, unsolidarisch u geschichtsvergessen ist

+ wer nicht weiß, welche Daten über einen gesammelt werden, weiß nicht, ob er etwas zu verbergen hat

+ es ist unklug, auf die Herrschaft über etwas zu verzichten, dessen Wert man nicht kennt

+ seine Daten preiszugeben nimmt einem die Chance, es sich später anders zu überlegen

= selbst u differenziert entscheiden 👍😉

Last night’s episode of Small is Beautiful is now up on our site with transcript, captions and links to everything we discussed.

Clientside filtering is such an underrated method to make the aggregation of personal identifiable information harder/impossible.

@aral Thanks for streaming the small web today. It was very informative and fun to watch :) And also thanks for using owncast instead of proprietary streaming services.

Someone linked this picture in an irc channel today. :) Since it was the direct link, the original poster is unknown to me. I just know that it is from birdsite.

Today is a good day to look through your passwords. Maybe change a few that are too easy/similar and also to close a few accounts that you are not using anymore.

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