Damn, i really miss my second monitor. :( Sometimes it is really hard to work with just one.

You know that Apple has succeeded with marketing when people actually thinks that Apple cares about the user and their privacy.

As mentioned before i am currently evaluating my current vps/hosting/emal setup. As part of that process i downsized my server
and asked myself what to do with my blog. Don't get me wrong, i like my current setup, but since i am planning several series of articles it becomes more clear that the current, limited setup will not cut it. And i also kinda like the idea to edit/add articles from my mobile devices. So i might give wordpress another try. Do you guys have any tips for me about using wp?

Looking into packaging a php app into a container. A task I am not looking forward to.


Kommentar zu rechtsextremen Polizisten: Es reicht!

29 Polizisten aus NRW sollen übelste neonazistische und rassistische Nachrichten ausgetauscht haben, teils über Jahre. NRW hat einen veritablen Polizeiskandal. Ein Kommentar.


The "I exist without my consent" meme but without irony

Feeling really disassociated from my body today. It is really weird.

Replaced my nextcloud sync setup with a local syncthing one, because syncthing is faster and I really do not need all my stuff online.

Containers should only be used if their benefits outweighs their disadvantages.

Protip: It is often not the case.

Thank you for coming to my TED talk.

Today on random sysadmin bullshitery: Why is nginx refusing to use our perfectly fine and correctly created ssl certificates?

Since my technological landscape will change a bit (Self hosting on on Raspi, decommissioning a few servers) I might switch to a static site generator again. I am surprised how difficult it is to find a template which has not been inflated with javascript. 🙈

I wrote a (kinda crappy) post about my new website setup and why it is not easily doable to implement things like rss or webmentions: marcel.mehlmann.info/article/2

I am in the process of writing a small series of articles titled: "A layman's introduction to NixOS". What would you want to read in this series?

I am currently visiting my family. My first real vacation this year.

Well, i am stupid. I deleted my private key in order to test my chezmoi/bitwarden template but forgot that i am not able to pull from my repository without the key. :D What a

The old citywall of Hattingen, with a modern installation to show where the old gatehouse was.

Where has chezmoi been all my life? I am using it now to manage my dotfiles between all my machines which use nixos.

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