Thinking about switching (back) to Nixos :nixos:. Maybe this time I'll have the nerve of splitting my config into several modules so that I can use one repository for all of my machines.

It is the weekend and I have done nothing until now. But that's okay.

Man, i do not know how people are able to crank out interesting blogposts left and right. Every time i think about writing a new post for my blog it is the same situation:

1. I am convinced that nobody is interested in the things i write.
2. If i am able to overcome 1 i feel that i have to thoroughly research the topic in order to produce an article worth posting.
3. I scrap the article because of 1 and the feeling that my research is not good enough.

My talk went really well. People were really interested in the federation aspect. They really liked the interaction between my demo peer tube instance and my mastodon account. :ac_dazzle:

Today i have to present a talk about

So do not wonder if my timeline will contain some over-the-top generic messages. They are all for demonstration.

I created a small script to toot from the commandline. I call it Hermóðr, as it brings you messages.

I started to test dijo. A scriptable, terminal based activity tracker because i want to develop some positive habits.

And yes, my coworkers are looking at me the same way...

Do I understand this correctly? OpenSUSE Leap is basically the go-to variant of the OpenSUSE family?

Morning folks. Today i am going to edit some markdown in for the first time. #2^6challenge

inb4 i am using for everything except text editing. But that's the point of emacs, right?

Well today i learned how to install packages in using MELPA.
So now i am feeding my mastodon addiction by using mastodon.el.

Participating in the Fedora 33 Btrfs by default test day.

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