Working on keyboard layout module for my waybar.

: a CLI for Duckduckgo search engine


There exists a kernel module that creates and updates the contents of /sys/class/power_supply/BAT0/

To modify the charge_control_end_threshold attribute you should add a new .ruls file in /etc/udev/rules.d/

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Since users usually keep their AC adapter connected while using their laptop, in order to maximize the of your Li-io , it's recomended to set the maximum charging threshold to 60%.

There is a file to set your battery charging threshold in ether. For linux:

File managers in :

There are others like the famous but I use these three and a script that you can see on top.

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If the Russian government's attempted ban of ProtonMail has impacted you, you can access ProtonMail by using ProtonVPN and connecting to a VPN server or by using TOR browser. More details here:

We are also working to overturn the ban as soon as possible.

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@jordan31 i found this package last night which I've been attempting to get working:

Only hiccup so far is that Twitter decided i wasnt good enough to be a developer anymore D:

I sent the pull request e-mail to the team.

You need to set these parameters in your gitconfig:

smtpserver =
smtpserverport =
smtpencryption =
smtpuser = <email address>
from = <email address for From: field>

And then send an e-mail as is described here:

A fascinating way of building a git remote server and contribution system.

Setting up git send-email in OS X with Gmail:


There isn't a new version of single-tagset patch for on the official website. The latest version of this patch does not apply on dwm 6.2 so I made a new single-tagset diff file that can be easily patched with git apply <PATH to diff file> command.
Anyone who is interested in using this patch here is my github-repo:

I'll send a pull request to suckless mail base developing git system as soon as possible.

For the next two weeks I can't be home. πŸ˜”
So having the face of my Valentine in terminal is a little heartwarming. 😁

To see how much love Microsoft have for the "open source" software as they mention in their advertising, the mailed an upcycled hard drive along with the signatures of their call to upcycle Windows 7 to Microsoft's corporate offices.

Hardware video acceleration

My new Video on

Comparison of CPU usage in video encoding with GPU (using ) and CPU.

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(a persian-jalali-khayyam calendar)
a cli calendar
And my new background picture: tomb of hafez (a Persian poet 1315-1390) photo by myself

@kev @mike
Is it possible to contribute and add custom emojis to fosstodon?
If so what is the proper way of doing that?

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I love the @DuckDuckGo Bang searches. The ones I use most:
!ddgi for images
!gif for giphy
!w for Wikipedia
!mw for Merriam-Webster
!wa for Wolfram Alpha
!godoc for golang docs

First time on a tiling compositor and a drop-in replacement for the i3 window manager for X11.
Great exprience till now.
Using web browser for screenshot , ...

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This is what I use to listen to music every single day, it's light, resistant, repairable, standard, carries 64GB of music and will play music for nearly 100 hours.

I paid 16$ for it.

initiated to use their system for Russia IPs. I'm in Iran and telegram is filtered by government here. I used an openvpn to connect to a russian IP and after disabling the vpn I am still conected to telegram servers you should stay connected to a russian IP till a shield icon appears in the top bar and after that you can use telegram without vpn or proxy even in Iran. Thanks 😁.

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