The Hush lead developer Duke Leto was recently interviewed on "The Survival Podcast with Jack Spirko". The interview was great and I encourage you to check it out to learn more about why is the most today; why is the messaging platform that you should be using; and what another might be missing right now.

When the kids are pumping the but even the doge knows that is where's it at! Come get your because you deserve it!

If you're attending Summit 2021 this year, then be sure to check out the lead developer Duke Leto's talk "Take Back Your Privacy With Hush" on 18 March, 2021 at 7PM SGT [7AM EDT]

Come check out ! Currently it is in beta and only available in our wallet, which is available here:

Use this HushChat beta guide to get started using it with your friends:

This protocol takes the ideas of the Protocol and implements them on top of the called .

Give yourself that #2021 wallet upgrade because 1.1.0 and 1.4.0 have been released! The Lite version has the beta version of HushChat if you'd like to try a decentralized type messaging system :fosstodon:

The latest wallet links are:

The Protocol takes the ideas of the Protocol and implements them on top of the improved Protocol inside of using the very latest advancements in encrypted messaging. We use crypto_secretstream. No phone numbers required , so enjoy some and because you deserve it :)

The team has just released version 1.0.0 of our SilentDragon full node wallet which we call "In Zdust We Trust"!

In This Release:
🎉 Hush 3.5.1 is embedded
🔒 hushd tab shows TLS connections
🚀 Full support for and block time halving at 340K

Download the new release here:

Our team has just released version 3.5.0! This release locks us into mandatory privacy (z-addresses) at block 340,000, where our block reward will halve and block speed will double from 2.5 minutes to 75 seconds.

For further info check out:

Our team just started a new Matrix chat room and we welcome you to come join us to learn more about and . We're both an platform on the and also a . Come on & join :)

This is what messages look like even with a compromised wallet:


Three layers of keep your messages safe, even if your device isn’t!

A new update for has been released for beta testers. In v1.3.9 of our Lite wallet, we’ve added emojis 😎 as well as fixed various bugs for a smoother chat experience. Follow us to stay updated when these features are released in our other wallet platforms. Here is the link to the release:

A community member named @virtugrana has written a Medium post that our team would like to highlight: - A Privacy-Focused Ecosystem

It's a great informative short read and gives a summary of our roadmap and upcoming milestones, like going enforced privacy in Nov 2020!

The block reward and block time halving is in only 100 days! ⏱ At block 340,000 we will double the speed of our chain, from 2.5 minute blocks to 75 seconds. At this time we’ll become the first (I mean ) fork to transition to mandatory privacy on our chain, joining and !

Lol instead of :)

will be implementing mandatory this upcoming November 2020, which ZCash might never do. Check the reddit link comments to better understand Z Addresses.

For any Arch users, our team has packages in AUR, so why not "yay -S silentdragonlite" to try out our project's lite wallet with in it :)

If you haven’t watched cryptofrog202’s video on HUSH you should take a few minutes to do so! is a project run by focused on extreme in transacting and communicating.

HUSH is influenced by the best privacy technologies in the cryptoverse! As a fork of $ZEC, we utilize from . Our newest addition, Sietch, was heavily influenced by Monero (XMR), where all shielded transactions are split to at least 8 addresses for higher anonymity.

Learn more at :)

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