The team has just released version 1.0.0 of our SilentDragon full node wallet which we call "In Zdust We Trust"!

In This Release:
🎉 Hush 3.5.1 is embedded
🔒 hushd tab shows TLS connections
🚀 Full support for and block time halving at 340K

Download the new release here:

Our team has just released version 3.5.0! This release locks us into mandatory privacy (z-addresses) at block 340,000, where our block reward will halve and block speed will double from 2.5 minutes to 75 seconds.

For further info check out:

Anon-set is the measure of / on our chain. We will be measuring this throughout our halving event where we should begin to see significant increases to our -set and related metrics.

Our team just started a new Matrix chat room and we welcome you to come join us to learn more about and . We're both an platform on the and also a . Come on & join :)

This is what messages look like even with a compromised wallet:


Three layers of keep your messages safe, even if your device isn’t!

A new update for has been released for beta testers. In v1.3.9 of our Lite wallet, we’ve added emojis 😎 as well as fixed various bugs for a smoother chat experience. Follow us to stay updated when these features are released in our other wallet platforms. Here is the link to the release:

A community member named @virtugrana has written a Medium post that our team would like to highlight: - A Privacy-Focused Ecosystem

It's a great informative short read and gives a summary of our roadmap and upcoming milestones, like going enforced privacy in Nov 2020!

The block reward and block time halving is in only 100 days! ⏱ At block 340,000 we will double the speed of our chain, from 2.5 minute blocks to 75 seconds. At this time we’ll become the first (I mean ) fork to transition to mandatory privacy on our chain, joining and !

For any Arch users, our team has packages in AUR, so why not "yay -S silentdragonlite" to try out our project's lite wallet with in it :)

If you haven’t watched cryptofrog202’s video on HUSH you should take a few minutes to do so! is a project run by focused on extreme in transacting and communicating.


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