@myhushteam Interesting. What advantages does Hush have compared to Matrix?

@iooioio The Hush Project is implementing the Protocol over a decentralized , so no phone numbers and no centralized server. Matrix has the same advantage of being decentralized (federated like Mastodon) but also does not require phone numbers. has E2EE by using z-addresses (z-addr) and E2EE is not on by default with Matrix, as it is with Signal.

is also a :)

I'll also ask our Lead Dev & see if he has more to add too.

And what is the difference to #briar ? I think more decentralised than briar is not possible.

@myhushteam @iooioio

I don't think it's possible as #briar is a #distributed ( #p2p) #network rather than a #decentralised ( #federated) one.

Also, aren't #blockchain blocks permanent and can never be deleted? Will it be #quantum resistant?

@NatCor @mmw2000 @iooioio I have not used yet, but have read that it can use & is able to be configured to do so as well.

The blocks on a are permanent, but uses zk-SNARKs and other encryption methods. We are based off of the () Platform Ecosystem, which has a technology implemented, called , to be .

Dilithium link:

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