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The people on fosstodon are absolutely awesome

When on a team I'm often pointed to as the person most likely to break something, but also the most likely to make the impossible sorta work for long enough to fix it correctly.

I would like to redefine this from the stereotypical "Hero Effort" fixes, to "Daredevil Solutioning." Since yes, you may get to the destination, but the risk it'll fail basically approaches certainty in almost any scenario outside the immediate fix.

Mission Update: it gets better, if you have one of those rugged PL2303 original dongles and you wanna use it in windows, download and "install" the windows XP drivers, and then force install the driver over the "unknown" device via the good ol found disk method.

This is all fine.

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The year: 2021
The challenge: Configure a network device securely
Your Mission: The PL2303 driver still isn't in Windows by default... You'll need to go to this Taiwanese website, and download a Qual driver... This is fine.

Happy friday, and if you're reading this you've now received the curse of developer empathy: May you be subject to any algorithm you create.

So when you set up old infrastructure, always have an end of life plan... even if it's your own infra. I had created a voicemail route that when a certain number dialed in it would automatically play a certain recording (a tone of 99,#) which would automatically unlock the gate of an appt complex I lived in almost a decade ago.

That's now broke, and every call is now going through to my forward extension. It had been so reliable, apparently everyone in the complex was using it.

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After a half century of people self vaccinating their kids with Chicken Pox against an ancient plague... All these fuckers who got their shoulder sliced open with a piece of glass to help stop polio killing people won't get a little poke from a clean syringe to stop a virus that's killing people.

So if I held Uber stock after what I've anecdotally experienced, I would sell it all. The migration to their new platform has evicted users from being able to order, removed/lost every single restaurant entry we had, and now is just a big blank screen when we try and load it.

It's been this way since the migration/merging of apps.

I'm definitely not an outlier. Welp, it was nice for a while... Now nobody will share a damn thing, the lawyers will say it's too big a liability.

Maybe something about the way we depict law enforcement in media has something to do with what we as a society have accepted as normal. There's this whole series about a cop (adjacent) who murders people who get away with it and it did so well it's coming back for a second series.

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I'm thinking Fable may have overplayed their hand a bit by signing Levar Burton this early. Their purchasing system is closer to voting for American idol in 2004 than it is to buying books on Kindle in 2011.

Financial media: cryptocurrency is really taking off with the average retail investor!
Early investors: ok so I totally forgot that wallet passphrase and now to try and brute force it I've gotta reimplement this john script for this ancient shitcoin wallet and feed it a wordlist of all my correspondence from 2014 like it's some sort of terrible ctf

If you've invested in MSFT you might wanna complain to whoever will listen: Microsoft is unable to send non-volume license customers to a usable customer service portal and is missing out on potentially millions of service/support money they would otherwise recieve. You literally can't open a ticket as a non volume customer in some cases, that's more than 1500 bucks an hour per upsell they're missing out on... also there's no fucking way to get support for your 5 man company, so don't use it

If you perceive something as malignant, but have no ability to affect it's course, but can profit from it... is taking a profit from that maligned thing unethical?

So you want a list of columns in influxdb? you probably thought schema.FieldKeys(bucket: "bucketname") would do it... it wont this will:

from(bucket: "bucketname")
|> range(start: 1969-12-31)
|> columns(column: "labels")
|> distinct()
|> keep(columns: ["_field"])
|> group()

Like, I don't need 60 users, and all that extra whatever, I just want SSO for my 20 users so I don't have to manage *yet another* credential provider.

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I really think there's a disconnect between startups that provide service tiers that lock SSO (OIDC/SAML et al) behind a paywall and charging more than a startup can afford for the "next tier."

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Even if you are fully vaccinated, the CDC recommends against holding a meeting that could have been an email.

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