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I fail to find myself capable of realizing why this would be inappropriate or offending to anyone to deserve a downvote. 😕

That moment when you find yourself piping the output of a command to the same command

`rg --help | rg replace`

I've lost count of how many times I've faced a compilation error in the past just because I missed the `!` in `println!`...

That strange feeling when you realize that out of 3862 characters in your code file, only two characters are 'q'. See! I told you I felt strange! 👨‍💻

Wow. I don’t think I saw a single positive comment in this thread. 🤦‍♂️

I’m trying out 20.04 in my Thinkpad. I’m VERY impressed. I love the Yaru theme. I think I will be replacing Pop!_OS on my devices with this.

After years of staying with my .emacs.d, finally also made its presence available outside in my .

I can't believe what I just did: I deleted three of my projects from GitHub! 🙁

repeatedly reminds me why it's one of the most beautiful pieces of software I've ever used and I feel it truly deserves whatever is the closest digital equivalent of a hug.

The first code commit is the most difficult one, the rest just flows...

A small list I came up with includes: i3bar, excalibar, i3status, i3pystatus, py3status, ty3status, i3situation, j4status, goi3bar, goblocks, i3status-rust, i3cat, yagostatus, i3blocks, polybar, lemonbar, tint2, bumblebee-status

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I just realized that there are over 18 options for status bar in and you've only used one for the past 6 years! Now I won't be able to sleep until I compare each and every single one of them. I just love !

That confidence-boosting moment when you run outside of and it runs at the first attempt...

After having spent the last few weeks comparing terminal-centric experience on three most talked about Linux flavors I conclude that is enormous especially with , 's is the most intuitive, and the family has the most easy-to-use package management.

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