@braunne I know it's not a lot, but for someone coming from , the experience has been awesome and it feels like it's way more than just 7 years. 😃

@nebunez Exactly. I don't remember it was there the last time I got it working. Now they say there's a "best" method but it only works for , and there are multiple ways to achieve it now. I started from the top, and fortunately, the first one worked.

Changing the way FiraCode ligatures were being set in my , I finally have persistent sessions working again!

When you boot into #windows just to install updates and return back to #linux ...

I just tried the latest #Arch ISO, the new installer with speech accessibility is cool!

My new favorite Distro (once more) for getting people into #Linux is @elementary. It's not scary as people believe Linux to be, has the potential to impress #macOS users, and just works! PS: there's much more to ElementaryOS than just the visuals, which it has been popular for.

My #Arch setup just got faster than ever. It starts on a CLI, I can jump into and out of graphical #i3wm or #gnomeshell on demand and then return to the most responsive interface ever: the shell.💻🤓

Not that I plan to leave #archlinux any time soon, #popos blew my mind once more, just like it did a few times before. I can't appreciate #system76 enough for the kind of #Linux experience they've created that could help us get more members to the community.

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