I fail to find myself capable of realizing why this would be inappropriate or offending to anyone to deserve a downvote. 😕

@wizzwizz4 Makes sense, that helps. I'm a part of a few communities at but never came across "softwarerecs". I wonder why no one commented there to point it out or help me like you did. 😃 I'm starting to feel scared of posting on now.

@myTerminal The reasons are complicated. Basically… the people who comment like that (e.g. me) have been driven off by bad management decisions. They mostly stopped making them around half a year ago, but it'd culminated in "we're casually violating our license agreements, making you sign arbitration clauses and trying to ruin Monica Cellio's life". It'll take a while for those sorts of people to return.

@myTerminal allow for interface issues. It’s sometimes easy to touch the wrong sort of the screen when scrolling. I think I’ve downvoted by mistake in the past, although then I try to upvote afterwards. The more something scales, the more likely edge cases are to happen...

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