“Programming is not a zero-sum game. Teaching something to a fellow programmer doesn’t take it away from you.” – John Carmack, co-founder of id Software, and lead developer of DOOM and Quake

Being able to use "#!/usr/bin/env cl" as a #shebang could be a blessing. I can't wait to replace at least some of my #Bash and #Nodejs scripts with #Lisp!

That moment when you realize that you don't always need an effect strip to animate elements in the timeline!

After days of fantasizing about #BedrockLinux, I finally got a chance to give it a spin. I just finished the basic tutorial, and to say that I haven't seen/experienced a piece of software "this" exciting/sophisticated in a while, would be an understatement.

Had to jump back eleven versions (from Snap to Firefox-ESR), but finally got #Firefox to work with #KeePass on #Debian. I think I can live with this for now.

If you're still using #VirtualBox, you should give #VirtManager a try. It's another great virtualization solution. Bonus: Importing VDIs is supported too!

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