Hey folks, can anyone make recommendations for an electric bicycle? For context, my family and I recently sold our house and moved into an we want to downsize from 2 cars to 1...but I would like something to get around town plus ride to the rail system that gets me into the city, etc. So...can anyone suggest decent electric bike brands, models, etc. Thanks!

@mxu Excellente decision.. Il doit y avoir ( comme en France) des magazines consommateurs qui testent les produits, pour faire un bon choix..

@hotkinky31 Thank you! Yes, i did take a quick look at Consumer Reports (which is i believe mostly U.S. magazine), which provides reviews. I've used them for many years, and my experience for most reviews is that they are good bfor some thinfs and not far for ebikes, I am a little less than impressed with Consumer Reports...but again, it was a quuci glance. Maybe i will look again. Thanks!


If you can, I highly recommend going to a bike shop. They will allow you to try many types of ebikes and see what you like the most. That's how I found mine.

I personally have a Gazelle class 1 ebike and love it! I have used it over over 1 1/2 years as a daily commuter and couldn't be happier.

If you can't get a Gazelle, I personally like the Bosch motor and a center motor (not a motor on the rear wheel, they are a pain to do maintenance on).

@kop316 Those are some great tips! I haven't heard of the Gazelle yet so will check it out for sure. Thanks!!

My bike is a Cube, full suspension bike with Bosch mid drive. Its a bit overkill for the use it gets and probably isn't the best option for road use.
Another option is a DIY solution that a friend has made using an old steel framed road bike and an after market Bafang mid drive. He's cycled over 10000 miles on this, in all weathers, so it's pretty robust.

@MurrayWindripper From the little research I've started doing (thansk to great suggestions from folks here already), i see that Bosch drives are pretty good. And, thanks for the DIY thought...honestly, that hadn't even occurred to me that this is something that I could do. There are some things in my life that I do like to customize, maybe this might be a viable option. Thanks again!!

@mxu I'm really happy with Bosch motor too. Also Riese-Mueller bikes are really fancy, sturdy and well thought, but very pricey. Not the best option if you must leave your horse at the train station.

@mxu Have a look at Riese and Muller bikes. My wife is really happy with hers. They are not cheap but they use the best components available (motor, battery…) and you can choose a belt which will last longer than a chain.

@chrisba That's the 2nd mention of riese and muller, which is a good sign! With all these great tips and brand suggestions from so many folks here, I'm thinking I will visit a bike shop or 2...just to see if I can try or at least sit on/feel how some of these bikes feel. Thanks everyone for all the great feedback!# 👍👍

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