The family unit and I are about to put our home for sale...and the next phase of our (residential) journey will have us living the apartment (or at least rental) lifestyle. I haven't lived in an apartment/flat for about 21 years. Has much changed with living in apartments in the last couple of decades??

@mxu at least in my experience in the US..

the rent is too damn high and it will rise more than 5% every lease renewal

the deposits and application fees are usually enormous -- I paid rent twice my first month basically

you may or may not have ANY luck if you have pets

whether it's a big apartment company or a random landlord will determine a lot of cans and can't do's. I live in a small-landlord property now and there's old nails in the wall. Nobody cares. At my previous place? I'd be fined

@wholesomedonut All good points for me to keep in mind; thanks!

@mxu the only thing that changed is the increase in rent lol.

@akris Yeah, I live in the U.S., so I assume **everything** just increases in cost! 😣 But yeah, the apartments I'm looking at will be same monthly price or less than what paying for home there will be less things I have to pay for once I no longer own a home. 😉

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