We're excited to announce the release of GNOME 43!

Thanks to the hard work of our community of contributors, #GNOME43 brings a redesigned system settings menu, a new Device Security page, improvements to many core apps, and more!

See all the updates in our release notes: release.gnome.org/43/

#GNOME #releaseday #opensource #FOSS

I feel fortunate that I was able to get vaccinated for monkeypox here in Los Angeles. Hope there is enough supply for everyone who's at risk and my heart goes out to those for whom it's too little too late because they already got the disease.

Re-posting the demo of PWAs in GNOME that I posted a while back on twitter.

I'm giving a talk on this topic in just over an hour at GUADEC!

Today's task is trying to get systemd-homed working on Arch (Endeavor OS technically) after failing to get it working on Fedora Silverblue. Wish me luck

Today I will spend most of the day looking at the Event Horizon Telescope image of Sgr A*!

This is the first direct image of the emission immediately outside of our Milky Way’s central supermassive black hole!!!

Paying technical debt in our accessibility infrastructure - viruta.org/paying-technical-de

Pagar la deuda técnica en nuestra infraestructura de accesibilidad - viruta.org/paying-technical-de

I'm on the lookout for my next adventure career-wise, so if anyone knows of fun and interesting work on FOSS, let me know please!

Need help figuring out what Progressive Web Apps should be included in GNOME Software by default. Anyone know of excellent free software PWAs they would recommend for that? Reply here please!

Today is so I just signed up for @AIDSLifeCycle, which is a 545 mile bike ride from SF to LA in June next year centered around raising funds to fight HIV/AIDS. It would mean a lot to me if you'd like to support the cause: tofighthiv.org/goto/Matthew_Le

- animals, "dumb", only live in the moment
- humans, "smart", worry about the short term future, the long term future, the past, ...

I really think there should be *at least* one person working full time on Flatpak upstream, and I want to continue being that person. I hope the fundraising on Open Collective will eventually be enough to make that financially viable long term, but we're not there yet.


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