I installed (with and ) on my new ! (Alongside Wind*ws, which I do not use at all, but will keep around on a small partition, just in case). It will replace my antique , running , as my daily workhorse. Made an pie 🥧 to celebrate. :fedora:

How awesome is this? I got an magic from my wife! (Magic: The mug is completely black, and only when a hot beverage is poured into it do the white borders and the logo appear). An essential for my ! 😁 :emacs:

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Hello, ThinkPad friends!

Do you know about @kev's #100DaysToOffload challenge[1]? It's very interesting.

What do you think if there is a similar challenge but to write about #ThinkPad topics instead of other topics? The result will be perhaps many ThinkPad articles from many persons? With less stricter rules perhaps. I'd like to hear your comments.

[1] 100daystooffload.com

Mentions: @claudiom @michel_slm @rgggn @syntax @mw @myTerminal @kzimmermann @nitrokey @vfrmedia @maxamillion

Very happy with my new ! Typing on it feels great and I also like that the FN and CTRL keys are in the *right* order: First - and most left - FN, then CTRL. Very convenient when using . I never really used a before, but now I'm hooked! 😃

also somewhat .

Mission accomplished: successfully moved to . Now it's time!


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