@Mundon Hey, Update: I've just upgrade my synapse instance to 'synapse:v1.33.2' docker image. So far is working just fine!

@Mundon I tried the latest docker image and it was not working. As I need it to be up and running I rolled back to an older version and I had no issues. I can't get the Turn server (for voip) working but that's another thing.

I just finish setting up on the raspberry pi and on my android device. Really impressed how smooth it the setup was.

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formula 1 

Woo! F1 Quali's were super exciting this morning! Red Bull looks like they might have a seriously strong start to the year, although Checo getting knocked out was a bit sad.

Further down, Alpha Tauri is coming out of the gate looking seriously strong!

I've also been enjoying Jake Archibald ranking the F1 websites by speed:

Can't wait for the race tomorrow! Much excitement! πŸ˜€

@edgren I think a full path text field for the key file would be better. I used a "online .htaccess to nginx" converter and it messed up the rules. I did edit the json directly since the homepage was up and running. I need to check the other rewrite rules.

@edgren Hi! I got it working on a nginx web server. I still have an issue with the rewrite rules tho. I dislike the 'editing files' part a bit. Those changes will be lost on an update and there was a hardcoded path (/var/www/files) where it stores the api key. Even if it does not exists (as in my fs), settings said it was 'Done'.

Nonetheless it's working now and it looks great!

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I am happy to announce that I no longer have any duplicated passwords in any of my accounts :D

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@edgren that looks really good! I'm thinking of installing on the raspberry pi to check it out.

Hey @yarmo thanks for I moved from this week and it's a really good replacement.


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