Serenum just went live, but in beta only. Visit the page on your own risk! The source code and installation instructions will be released later today.

JavaScript are a must and the JavaScript free version are not finished. It will be added sometimes in the future.

The source code has now been released. See on Airikr Git on how you can install Serenum on your own server.

Please notice! Serenum are still in beta! Bugs and errors can occur!

@edgren that looks really good! I'm thinking of installing on the raspberry pi to check it out.

@mvietri Thank you 🙂 Alright! Please tell me how the installation where so I can improve it (if needed).


@edgren Hi! I got it working on a nginx web server. I still have an issue with the rewrite rules tho. I dislike the 'editing files' part a bit. Those changes will be lost on an update and there was a hardcoded path (/var/www/files) where it stores the api key. Even if it does not exists (as in my fs), settings said it was 'Done'.

Nonetheless it's working now and it looks great!

@mvietri Hi. Nice! I do use Apache as my webserver, though. I don't know how nginx is working, but can you explain what's not working with the rewrite rules?

I can add a text field where you can enter where the file with the API key will be stored in, before you run /update-settings. Or I can let you enter the full path to the API key file in settings.json, but I think that's an security issue. What do you think?

Yeah, I have issues with if the file exists or not. Working on it 🙂

Thanks 😊

@edgren I think a full path text field for the key file would be better. I used a "online .htaccess to nginx" converter and it messed up the rules. I did edit the json directly since the homepage was up and running. I need to check the other rewrite rules.

@mvietri Alright. I will add that feature 🙂

Will add a todo on how to make the website work perfectly in nginx too.

@mvietri Hi. I tried difference methods for the config file, but failed. So I ended up created a PHP file and adding the website settings in variables instead. Much easier for now. I hope you understand 🙂

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