My workflow for publishing

After a long time of down time, my website is up again. But this time I am minimizing steps on my workflow as much as possible.
It is Publii SSG, Neocities hosting and manual copy-pasting as of now.

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@murtezayesil hey, new blog has been discovered and RSS feed has been added to my reader.

Why pay for neocities tho? With due respect I don't think you need that much bandwidth :blobcatderpy:

I don't need that much storage or bandwidth at all. I just don't want to deal with HTTPS certificates, VMs, SSH keys and stuff for just a static site.

Neocities also allows launching more websites which all shared that storage and bandwitdh. I may make more use of it in the future.
An Old school looking website with GIFs anyone?

@murtezayesil There is stuff like Vercel or Netlify that may be more useful for you and also free of charge, you just need a gitlab/GitHub repo (I think Vercel accepts codeberg too)

Netlify's Drop maybe pretty much a replacement for what you are currently doing

It's more than enough for me and even if not, paying is an option, although idk if it's worth more or less than neocities since I haven't needed to do it

But you probably already considered them so yeah

@murtezayesil if you automaton, why not go for something like Netlify? It integrates with Publii abs only changes files are uploaded, it’s much better than your current setup.

Probably. But I tried to create a CNAME entry for @ (root) in my DNS but it won't let me. I have few MX and TXT records for root domain and DNS service assumes that new CNAME entry is not unique.

I actually tried GitLab pages before and gave up after nearly losing my mind over DNS problems.

@murtezayesil IIRC the dns record for the root domain needs to be an ALIAS, not a CNAME.

Either way, CNAME records for the root domain are pretty standard, if your provider doesnt support that, I’d think about changing DNS providers.

I personally use ClouDNS (

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