Has anyone else stopped getting excited about new tech? It's just like "cool, a new thing to invade my privacy".

@joseph Yup. Not only are they constantly watching you, but you have to pay a subscription fee too. It feels like no one even sells software anymore. It's either open source, or you subscribe to it monthly.

@mike @joseph it used to be so simple "when you are not paying for a product, you are the product". Now you can be the product despite paying for a service...

A̅⇒B does not imply A⇒B̅

Samsung confirms it’s removing ads from its stock apps later this year - The Verge
It wasn't even an issue in low budget models. This was an issue in $1200 Samsung S21 Ultra, Samsung's flagship phone.

This is only one of many reasons I encourage use of Lineage OS and similar ROMs over stock ROMs. File manager doesn't freaking connect to internet to download ads. My 3 year old phone's battery felt anew after switching to Lineage OS.
@mobian @mike @joseph

@murtezayesil @mobian @mike @joseph I don't understand why they had advertising in the first place. That's ridiculous Samsung. You're supposes to be a premium brand 🤦‍♂️. It's stupid moves like this that push people to iPhone (which is far worse than Android because not only do Apple gather the same data as Google, they also lock users in, which is way worse.)


"Selling hardware is not the only way you can squeeze money" corporations realized. Xiaomi was first to do this. Their Redmi and Mi sub-branded mobile phones have 5% profit margin to account for unexpected expenses. They are selling those phones almost at a loss. Their income is almost entirely from in-app ads. After giving a good impression with good performance and low cost people kept going back to Xiaomi. It passed Samsung in marketshare.
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Correction: Xiaomi smartphone marketshare has passed Samsung in the past but Samsung recovered. But Xiaomi is expected to pass Samsung again.

Selling hardware is earning money once. Showing ads is keep earning money.
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