is a personal search engine (for bookmarks, kinda)

Apollo is a web crawler to digest your digital footprint. What this means is that you choose what to put in it. Imagine a bookmark search engine that can also search the content of the bookmarked page. This is great for recalling something you have seen before.


Is it for searching the bookmark link and tag or does it also search the contents of the bookmarked page?

Searching is limited to tag, title and URL, which seems to be standard. Apollo is 1 step ahead with content search.

I think Apollo will be a good addition to static sites as a search engine. Users will be able to search only the blog site and site owners don't need to wait for traditional search engines to crawl their sites for the new articles.

@murtezayesil Nextcloud Bookmarks does something similar: You save your bookmarks and the software extracts the original text. So you can search it and you always have a backup!

Nextcloud Bookmarks:
- Available on all devices connected to internet.
- Easy to install, just enable a plugin
- Search is limited to tags, title and URL
- Each user on the instance keep their own list of bookmarks

- Available on all devices connected to internet if self hosted on a 24/7 server, else it will run locally
- Self hosting can be hard for none tech literates
- Search the full content
- Accountless, can be used as blog search engine


@murtezayesil Just tried it out. Feels a little clunky to set up, but the premise is really neat. It might give me the push I need to actually organise my bookmarks, as well.

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