is the only OS listed under Beginner-friendly in the latest @LinusTech video that is not based on Ubuntu (or in fact, based on any other operating system).

Rest of the video is basically "how to do xyz under PopOS" which is eh, but hey, progress.

Side-note for new users, ReplaySorcery is in the Solus repo and is IMO a better alternative to Shadowplay. No needing to remember to launch OBS Studio, no custom compilation of separate software to act as a source, etc.

I also thought it was a very right choice to put Solus on the beginner friendly list. I actually was expecting Manjaro on that list too, but Anthony doesn't seem to think so.

Solus is so easy to get started with, that I can plug the USB, boot into live environment, install Solus and boot into locally installed Solus in under 10 minutes. Using is as easy as installing too.


Only problems I had was not being able to get the LXC to work and VMs only working on stable kernel. I know that Solus was only developed for desktop use but I tried my luck anyway, just in case.

I currently have Ubuntu to learn sysadmin and get familiar with working with remote servers. I will be back on Solus as soon as I have another machine I can tinker with while using Solus.

@murtezayesil We actually got some package patches for lxd, lxcfs, raft, etc. waiting for response from the submitter. Might be worth giving it a try again after they land.

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