Those looking for Mozilla Pocket alternative will find right at home with @wallabag . Wallabag is a FOSS alternative which you can host on your private server or use subscription based paid service by

If you are using @yunohost, Wallabag is few clicks away to install and use. There is a Wallabag mobile app on @fdroidorg as well.

@murtezayesil @wallabag @yunohost @fdroidorg From a user perspective I *strongly* disagree. Wallabag is so limited in functionality it‘s not even sad anymore.

Yes, I‘m running my own Wallabag instance since years and the client applications available are even worse than the ones for Pocket.

In short: What you may be happy with as an alternative, may not even count as a bad joke for other users. For me, Wallabag is nowhere near of becoming a Pocket alternative.


Pocket has the advantage of benefiting from Firefox' reader mode and properly showing the article content.
I acknowledge that Wallabag isn't as mature as Pocket is and can botch content fetching. But there are folks prioritizing privacy over convenience who may prefer to self host Wallabag and give up on unique features and polish of Pocket.

Even if Wallabag app may fail to show article content, it is a good bookmark manager with tag support.

@murtezayesil @MacLemon @wallabag I've been able to successfully add a couple filters myself, too, to bypass cookie walls, improve parsing, or simply because a site was not yet supported. Don't think Pocket lets you do that.

@jan Pocket hasn‘t required me to do that. As much as I like being able to tinker with things, I even more like if things work without me *having* to tinker with them to make the most basic use case work.

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