Rust Development on Solus - 1

Solus is great distro for desktop but it is great for Rust development too. It doesn't include gcc, git, cc linker etc out-of-the-box but getting them is easy if Rust compiler is complaining. just install systemdevel component with command `sudo eopkg install -c system.devel`

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@murtezayesil I don't understand, it's great for rust development because it has none of the tools for it??

Solus is great for development but there are few dependencies missing (such as cc linker, gcc etc) for Rust compiler to compile successfully.
This isn't the first time I am hunting how the get those dependencies. So, I am posting this toot and blog for future reference.

@murtezayesil Now which linux distro is not a good one for development? I find all of them are great for it :)

I didn't say others are bad, I said Solus is great for software development.

YunoHost provides a webadmin interface for easy deployment of internet services. Even though it is based on Debian server, it wouldn't make a good distro for software development.

But if you find all distros great for development, go ahead. Use YunoHost for software development. It is based on Debian so I am not doing injustice by asking you to use LFS, Android or SteamOS.

@murtezayesil if you say something is great it comes with an implicit meaning chill dude, I was only asking for reasoning and I have no clue what this hosting business has to do with anything to be honest..

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