is annoying and make me feel like I am treated as a criminal.
I paid for it and purchased it the legit way. Why would you put barriers in front of me when I try to use, read, listen to, play, watch it.

Why do people who pirate get to have better user experience and more options than I do :ac_angry:

Dear Google,
Why do I only have Adobe ACSM software as my only other option when it comes to exporting purchased books on Play Books?

Epub is an open format for ebooks. But "Download epub" option on Play Books library page downloads an acsm file which can only be used to download a vendor locked version of the book using Adobe Digital Edition.

I feel like Google is lying when it says "Download epub" in its page.

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Waiting for GOG's DRM free movie store to get popular. There isn't much yet.

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@murtezayesil The worst is that it's ineffective. Has piracy decreased? No!
The only once harmed are those who want to share something with their families/friends.

@murtezayesil I feel your pain! I wonder if there are online stores with DRM-free movies?

I don't want to promote shady websites of web. But if you paid for a movie the legit way, maybe consider pirating.
It is like getting permission to pirate something. It isn't but kinda is.

@murtezayesil pirate world is not user-friendly although it is a better usage experience of course. Buy them to "support" and then pirate them anyways... That's an option.

@nitox @murtezayesil Honestly pirating is much more user friendly.

The tracker doesn't care who produced or licensed the movie/show. They have them all, so you don't need to figure out where it's available or who you need a subscription with to watch.

Also, who thinks it's acceptable to only release a few, randomly selected, seasons of a show instead of the entire thing??

I don't encourage pirating and only seek the content/service/product from its original provider.

About releasing chunks of content instead of the entire thing, I will complain about releasing the entire thing to some parts of the world and discard others. I am currently in Kyrgyzstan and many services don't accept payment from Kyrgyzstan for some reason.

@rune @nitox

@murtezayesil Because you need to pay more and pile up e-waste. PAY MORE ALREADY!

Speaking of e-waste, I have repurposed my 13 years old 32bit laptop as nextcloud home server.
I am waiting for
- new DDR2 ram to come . 1GB ram won't be enough for load by family of 5.
- end of quarantine. So that I can go home and fully deploy it.

There are so many beautiful things in this world that is waiting to be discovered.

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