Slowly converting family to Linux... my dad has been tinkering with it for a few years on some of his computers, and has come to appreciate it, at least for certain tasks.

And now, I’ve not only convinced my sister to give it a go, but to also pick up a custom desktop build from System76! She blogged a little about it yesterday as part of - check it out at 100daysofhannah.hannahvollmer. 🙂


Nice to hear.

My father recently asked me about how he could try Linux. He probably had enough with forceful updates and slowing system.

My brother already installed Linux by following tutorials without my knowledge. My mother is waiting for family reunion. I promised her to teach how to use computer. I think my parents are mostly intimidated by terminal they think they will need to use.

This will be an opportunity for me to test how "GUI only ready" Linux is.

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