@kev Great read! Is the TWM functionality you mentioned the same as Windows built in feature, and the Magnet app for Mac? (i.e. the ability to "snap" windows to sides/corners)?

Additionally, have you ever given elementaryOS a go? elementary.io/


You seem to confuse snapping and tiling.

Window snapping happens when you carry a window to very edge of the screen and it fills that half of the screen.

Window tiling is displaying every window in a workspace in a grid like fashion.
If there is only 1 window, it fills entire screen.
When we open 1 more window, 2 windows take half of the screen and not overlap.

TWM avoids overlapping and utilizes entire screen space by resizing every window automatically.

See i3wm, bspwm, dwm ...
@MFAZ @kev

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