I did a clean install of :popos: 20.04 on my laptop and after 1 week of usage, everything was taking 3 to 5 times more time. I installed it on SSD and start experiencing HDD speeds after very short time.

I had slow downs with earlier versions of Pop but they weren't this aggressive. There is a long way until :system76: can provide similar experience to their devices running :popos: on every device that can run :popos:.

I have a Lenovo IdeaPad and :linuxmint: stays fast.

@murtezayesil Interesting. For me it's been superb. I suppose that's on of the drawbacks of installing on so many hardware types.

:popos: is always going to work best on :system76: hardware. I'm seriously thinking about getting one of their laptops next.

Me too. :popos: Pop_OS! maybe the best marketing campaign :system76: System76 ever done.

Who else thinks "Pop_OS!" is typefull ?

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