So happy with , but it made me think... From now on, I will refer to Android as Google Android. There used to be some degree of separation between the company and the project, but we are long past that stage. Google has stopped pretending Android is independent, so should we.

Google Android. That's what it is.

Welcome to Lineage OS
I am the go to technical person in the family. Whenever someone asks about which phone they should buy, I check Lineage OS download page before recommending 😁

@murtezayesil that is brave!! I can't. I'm also the goto technical person but I will not be responsible for the device everyone uses every day, that's too much pressure! You'll get the bad looks if it doesn't do something they really want it to do!

I'd consider it for someone who's somewhat interested in privacy first…

If anyone asks me for a Google Android phone recommendation it is because that person wants an affordable phone. Else (s)he would go with an iPhone or Samsung S.

I am recommending a device that has official Lineage OS build, so that in case they ask me to "fix" their phone by factory resetting, I can easily upgrade by their consent.

I am preventing future issues 😁

@yarmo @murtezayesil pretty good article - shows amazon as the only effective android rebel (which is weird)

I sideloaded google play on a fire 7, which works OK but better games crash - not sure if it is google sabotage or just a lame tablet

Kid stole my samsung, so it looks like pinephone time, pine64 tablet would be nice


@johnbessa @yarmo
Using Huawei to stay away from Google sound like saying "I hate you so much that I will team up with other guy that I hate" 😂

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