You know what I really love about this community?

Yesterday I was annoyed and frustrated, so slammed Git. Today I’ve posted about the Keybase acquisition.

We have a lot of devs here, so these are subjects close to peoples’ heart.

Not once. Not a single time did I receive a reply saying something akin to “shit up Kev, you dick. You don’t know what you’re talking about.” (which would be a fair comment).

Instead I’ve had constructive feedback and offers to help me learn.

You guys blow my mind.


Is somebody complaining that the community is too friendly 🤔

That is understandable since many toxic members of FOSS communities are the earlier members who stick to older technologies. Mastodon is too young to be adopted by those members. By the time they start using Mastodon and similar me technologies, newer and friendlier members will be wide spread enough to silence toxic members.
That is at least why I think this community is clean from toxic people.

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